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Petals Globe is fully committed to support and facilitate the iniatives of Government of India, State Governments, Other organisations to ensure that each child born in this country gets the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential.

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Who we are

PETALS GLOBE FOUNDATION is an NGO formed for the benefit and betterment of children. Its an initiative by people from different walks of life encompassing of eminent personalities in Education & Training, Performing Artist, Writers, Creative Directors, Judges and Lawyers, Doctors and Behavioural Scientists, Trainers, Psychologists, Industrialists and Business Men etc.

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Petals Globe would be conceptualizing and organizing various programmes for the intellectual and personal skill development of a child through various streams of science, art and soft skill programmes with special focus on Multiple Intelligence Development.

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Region of Work

PETALS GLOBE has initiated projects in India and the Middle East for the development of children belonging to K to 12 Standards. The European and Canadian chapters would be in action quite soon.

Baap Wali Baat

The Baap Wali Baat is a part of the #ItStartsWithMe campaign by Petals Globe India and has been created to empower people to educate their daughters. It is time to #ENDviolence against children, including child marriage. The objective is to challenge people’s thinking about issues like violence against girls, prote

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra inspires teena

Bollywood Actress, International Recording Artist and Petals Globe India Ambassador Priyanka Chopra met with young women in Chandrapur, India, to mark International Youth Day[1] and to witness how their lives are being transformed through the Building Young Futures

Giving Children A New Start To Their Lives

Giving Children A New Start To

In this quiet village of Bhuja in southern Rajasthan, 14 year old Payal and her younger brother managed to stay back in school despite several pressures to get engaged in child labour following their father’s untimely death. The children suddenly learnt they had to earn wages to manage the


Petals Globe Ambassador Shakira stri

Petals Globe Goodwill Ambassador Shakira met with a group of adolescent girls from Udaipur in Rajasthan. For Shakira, it was inspiring to hear the girls’ stories. “It is very special to spend time with these girls, internalize their challenges, their efforts to get an education and to make a bet


Paper - Towards A Nutrition-Se

Towards A Nutrition-Sensitive Tribal Sub-Plan: Insights From Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh And Odisha


Paper - Budget Outlays for Nut

Budget Outlays for Nutrition-Specific Interventions: Insights from Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh


Paper - Budget Outlays for Nut

Budget Outlays for Nutrition-Sensitive Programmes: Insights from Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh



Petals Globe strongly believes in the power of partners and collaborative efforts and has rich history of working with them.


PETALS GLOBE works closely with private companies – large and small – to identify, design and implement alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of India’s children.

Faith-based Organisations


The most sustainable and flexible form of supports are the ones we receive from individuals. These supports help ensure a ready source of continuous nature whenever needs are araised.

Institutions and Organisations


PETALS GLOBE works with many global institutions like NGOs, Schools, Educational and Training Institutions, Social Organisations, Voluntary Organisations and development partners.